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NFL  |  Jan 22, 2017
Steelers vs. Patriots
51 -110
  at  BOVADA
in 4d

1* Free Play UNDER Steelers/Patriots.

What more can be said about these two teams which hasn’t literally been said a million times at this point. The Steelers and Patriots are both very familiar to the postseason over the last ten years. New England is led by QB Tom Brady and Pittsburgh is led by Ben Roethlisberger. These are two of the most capable QB’s in NFL history. Last week the Steelers held on for an 18-16 road win in Kansas City. Roethlisberger had 224 yards and zero TD’s. RB Le’Veon Bell had 170 rushing yards. Note that Pittsburgh scored an average of 24.9 PPG in the regular season to rank the team 11th overall. Pittsburgh looked great defensively in the win over the Chiefs, holding them to just 227 total yards. The Patriots pulled away for a 34-16 win over the Texans last weekend. While New England was third overall on offense with an average of 27.6 PPG, it was its defense which was the difference maker this year, finishing No. 1 in allowing 15.6 PPG. The bottom line is, we’re expecting more of a “chess match,” where field position ends up playing a big part in the final outcome. The Steelers had a difficult time against the Chiefs on the road, but now face the top defense in the league. This number is just a little bit high in our opinion, consider a second look at the UNDER in the AFC Championship game.

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Using NFL Free Picks for the 2014-15 Football Season

NFL Free Picks

The 2014-15 season is finally here, and that means it’s time to start planning your wagering. You’ll find a lot of services and individuals offering NFL Free Picks out there, and you’ll also find a lot of paid services, memberships, clubs and more. So when it comes down to making smart decisions with your hard earned cash, what should you be utilizing, and how can you make the most of your funds?

NFL Free Picks

NFL Free Picks

First, lots of self-proclaimed gurus out there will try to convince you that their NFL Picks are not only the best, but that they never lose at all. Don’t believe the hype with most of these guys, who are only looking to make a quick buck from you, not their own bets. They won’t tell you any of their advice or give you any of their weekly NFL Picks until you fork over a pile of cash, and that’s not in your best interest.

NFL Free Picks

A better solution is finding a trustworthy provider of NFL Free Picks from week to week. You’ll be able to use all of your money for the bets themselves, instead of having to shell out hundreds of dollars just for the privilege of getting a better idea of who to bet on. This way, there’s more potential to win and capitalize on your funds, and you can still get sound advice from somebody who knows what they’re doing.

Just because you aren’t paying an arm and a leg for them, it doesn’t mean that NFL Free Picks will be bad, or be worse than what you get when you pay a great deal for someone’s picks. You don’t need to be a guru or some kind of “master” in order to help other people and give solid advice. You do need to have a basic understanding of the game though and all of the principles that are involved, though.

There’s a lot more to making great NFL Free Picks than just looking at win-loss records and star players, of course. You have to factor in things such as weather conditions, injuries, past history between the clubs, how the team’s performed in the previous weeks and what’s coming up in the weeks to come, and much more. All of these factors can play a major role in the outcome of a game, and need to be considered carefully with your NFL Picks.

When you want to bet on multiple games per week, or every game all season long, it can be a lot to pour over and consider. Therefore, you should consider using NFL Free Picks from a trusted individual or service. You don’t have to pay a ton of money to get good advice, and free advice can go a long way towards improving your results. NFL Free Picks will be something you keep on coming back to week after week, and you’ll see that with even a modest amount of startup cash, you can exploit your advantages and build up your winnings to a very high level.

Check out the Expert Football Predictions and NFL Free Picks for the 2014-15 Season.

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